You want

your child to attend a good college that will prepare them for a promising future.

You're not

sure how to start the college process, or assess all the choices out there.

You'd love

to have someone on your side who knows the territory, and can help navigate.

What Parents Need to Know:

Naturally, you have your own ideas about college for your child. But you also want them to take the initiative to find their own way. Figuring out where to draw the line can be stressful. So what’s the solution?

A knowledgeable, caring advocate for your son or daughter who also understands what’s important to you.

With their college consultant as a guide, your student will take responsibility for planning their own college search and application efforts, reducing tension in your family. Parents often mention how the process itself seems to build problem-solving skills and a more mature self-awareness in their children.

Remember, it’s not just about which colleges say yes. It’s about where your student can succeed and thrive.

Why not just work with high school counselors?

Though high school counselors are critical sources of information, their workload generally doesn’t allow for all the personal attention that each student needs. The alternative is independent consultants, who typically work alone.

At Riley Baker, a team of professionals with varied expertise collaborate.

We share information about admission trends and college visits so we can provide up-to-date feedback and collective wisdom. Backed by our depth of knowledge, we can explore a wider range of options and solutions for unique students and circumstances. Starting as early as 9th grade helps us to truly know your child, offering maximum progress with minimal stress.

We help most of our students get merit-based financial aid.

We’ll show you how reducing college costs is possible even when families earn too much to receive need-based aid.

Riley Baker college consultants work with all kinds of students.

That includes student athletes, students with learning differences, gifted students, even C students who worry they might not have any college options. In the end, what did they think of their experience? Ninety-five percent of the students who come to Riley Baker were referred by a family who were happy with our approach.

With tuition at private schools now averaging $60,000 per year, the stakes are high.

Engaging a college consultant is simply a smart down payment on an important long-term investment. An ultimately unsuccessful college choice is costly in too many ways.

How Does The Process Work?