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Riley Baker specializes in revealing attributes that aren't always obvious. Our Talent Toolkit helps identify unique skills, aptitudes, and aspirations. We know what various colleges are looking for so we can help make a great match.

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We do too – we're proud of every student we help find their chosen school. With smart and sensitive guidance, our students are empowered by the challenge, becoming stronger and more confident candidates in the process.

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Rear view of young college friends talking while walking in campus

Students, you want to share new experiences.

You're wondering – where will you fit in? Where will you find your tribe? Choosing a college with the right academic programs is essential, but so is finding the right social and personal fit.

Read more, from a student's perspective.

Working with Riley Baker not only made the process more seamless, but drastically reduced my stress around college. Riley Baker guided me through scenarios where I would have second-guessed myself and made the wrong decision. Whether it was with the storied college essay or with crucial supplements, I had someone who not only knew the process, but knew me.


Northwestern University '23

My daughter approached the college process with an outstanding GPA and test scores and yet, she lacked confidence around her ability to express herself effectively in her essays. We turned to Riley Baker to calm her down and provide informed input. Repeated essay drafts – always representing her personality and voice – grew stronger to such a degree that she became proud of them. Their quality earned her acceptance to her first choice college.


Princeton University '22 

And just like that, it’s over. A year ago today we were ACTing and engaging your services. You’ve been FAB! I appreciate your straightforward approach and your caring spirit. I know you have many clients, but you made us feel special with both our guys. Money well spent; long drives from the South Side to Winnetka well worth it.  


Yale University '22, University of Pennsylvania '22

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I can truly say that without your help, I wouldn't be where I am today. I'm excited that you opened me up to a whole new world, and my parents are thrilled.


Texas Christian University, '23

When our only son was a sophomore we signed him up with Riley Baker. You established a high level of trust with him, enabling him to really reflect on the right fit that he needed for his college experience. Knowing early on that he might want to study law as his next step, he reached out to you again. It takes a lot of people in a young person's life to get them where they would like to be, nurturing passions and interests and truly listening. You are members of that group of people and for that, we thank you. 


Boston College '12

George Washington University Law '15

The team at Riley Baker is at the top of their game. They are all about really getting to know their students and helping them get into the best, right college. Our daughter's counselor communicates with her in an encouraging, non-emotional way that gives her a logical perspective and she has taken real ownership of the process. I can't say enough about the experience and have recommended Riley Baker to other parents who are also thrilled with their experience. If there is one thing you want to get right, this is it.


Dickinson College '22

Applying to college is stressful. That's the truth. But when you have someone on your side who really knows you – the real you – and believes in you no matter what, it makes all the difference. I remember walking into the Riley Baker office with my stress level at 100 and walking out at zero. I got support, structure, encouragement and real, honest advice delivered in just the way I needed to hear it. When I got admitted to my dream school, guess who I called first?


Colorado College '20

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Riley Baker takes a uniquely customized approach for each student. The result? The majority get into their top choice school. Read on, and decide if our supportive, speak-freely environment is right for you. 

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