The Riley Baker process

How we work

For most people, college is the pivotal point, the decision that charts the direction they'll take in life. But it's not always easy to make up your own mind. How do you figure out what's right for you? How do you become who you want to be? How do you prove to admissions officers that you're a good fit? That's where the Riley Baker team comes in... Because you are unique, Riley Baker takes a unique approach that begins - and ends - with you. We work closely with you to discover and develop the things that will set you apart from the crowd, so admissions officers will see for themselves how truly extraordinary you are. We're not talking about producing a slick PR package or impressive "selfie." This is about much more than appearances. Experiencing the Riley Baker process actually helps you become a stronger candidate - more organized, more mature and more confident - because you're building the skills that lead to success. At the same time, the Riley Baker team visits hundreds of campuses each year, talking with students and administrators to study both the academic environment and the behind-the-scenes social life and campus culture of each school. Our students do not have to base their decisions solely on a college's reputation and marketing materials. The result of our student-centered approach is that the great majority of our students are accepted into their first-choice schools. Even more important, our students feel confident in - and delighted with - their final selection. That's why virtually none of our students opt to transfer to another college. When the choice is right, the fit is comfortable. We're often asked why the Riley Baker team is better qualified for these tasks than the people who know you best, your family and friends. But that's precisely the reason - we get to know you as you are, not as you were growing up or with your friends or in a family context. We help you see yourself objectively, the same way an admissions officer will be seeing you. No excuses, no judgments, no limiting preconceived notions. We help you discover - and become - who you really are. That's how you get where you want to go.  

Consultation Packages

The Big Apple

Our popular all-inclusive Big Apple plan has you covered from 8th grade through your senior year of high school. We’ll help you plan the academic course you’ll take in high school so you can explore your passions while building an impressive college resume. We’ll also help you explore summer programs, potential colleges, and assist with every part of your college application, including essay brainstorming and editing and application strategy. You’ll receive unlimited email and phone support from 8th grade through your senior year. $9,500 payable in three installments throughout your high school career.
A Note to Parents

An Apple a Day

This hybrid option takes into account the different needs that different students have in the college application process, ensuring you don’t pay for more support than you’ll use. The Apple A Day plan offers full support during your freshman, sophomore, and junior years as you build your all-important college resume; during your senior year, we’ll work with you to give you customized support to meet your individual needs as you apply to colleges. We’ll still be there for you to help you navigate yor essays and applications, but you’ll only pay for the time you need. $4,500 for comprehensive, all-inclusive service from 8th grade though May 1 of your junior year. During your senior year, you’ll purchase four-hour blocks of time on an as-needed basis for $875.

By The Slice

Do you need complete flexibility and customization? Our By the Slice plan has you covered! You’ll purchase all of our services on an as-needed basis, and our time is yours—we’ll be here to help you with whatever you need on your journey. The best part of By the Slice? Time blocks are renewable as often as necessary, so you have complete flexibility—and complete confidence. $875 for four-hour blocks of time. Renew whenever you want!